Track of the Day – “The Soulless” by Charred Walls of the Damned

Bobby Bevilacqua


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One of my favorite things is finding new metal bands and hearing one great song that you’re into. Sometimes it happens on a Spotify playlist, by word of mouth, or the radio.

Recently I started as an overnight DJ at WSOU, my college’s on campus radio station. The radio codes different genres and bands by color and has a set playlist to follow so all of the genres and bands get represented and get airtime.

I like to choose bands that I haven’t heard of before so I get to hear new music as well as the listeners. So one of the bands I randomly chose was Charred Walls of the Damned. It sounded pretty heavy and aggressive which is right up my alley so I figured I’d give it a shot. Continue reading


Bloodline guitarist Kris Wong leaving his mark on Berklee and metal music

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Eastchester, N.Y. is a quiet, suburban town known for its schools, its family-friendly atmosphere and their golf courses. So it may be surprising that one of the impressive recent graduates of Eastchester High School is a music student – studying heavy metal.

Kris Wong is a junior at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. where he is studying and working on perfecting his craft of guitar playing, a hobby he picked up around the age of 12 after learning the violin.

“The violin is so black and white, and as a kid you’re given this music and you play it exactly as it’s written,” Wong said. “I didn’t want to do that, I wanted to write songs. I felt guitar was the purest form of expression.”

Now at Berklee, Wong has studied guitar under some prominent figures in the music industry, and the experience has been “a dream come true.” At school, he has run into John Petrucci from Dream Theater and legendary bassist Victor Wooten, and has also helped form a progressive metal band, Juno Descent. Continue reading

Track of the Day – “Kerosene” by Baroness

Bobby Bevilacqua

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One of my favorite things about the metal genre is the diversity you can find among all of the bands. The reason there are so many subgenres is because there are so many styles of metal. It’s what makes the genre unique and fantastic.

Sludge metal is one of those niche subgenres that I sometimes check out, featuring heavy distortion and the atmospheric presence of doom metal’s slower tempos with the fusion of shouted vocals and sometimes faster tempos of punk music.

While I do love heavy, extreme metal, I do like my fair share of clean vocal bands. One of those bands is Baroness, a band from Savannah Georgia that fuses sludge and progressive metal. The band’s super artistic album covers give an idea of the type of music you’ll listen to. Continue reading