Track of the Day – “Kerosene” by Baroness

Bobby Bevilacqua

baroness band pic.jpg

Photo courtesy of The Metal Archives.

One of my favorite things about the metal genre is the diversity you can find among all of the bands. The reason there are so many subgenres is because there are so many styles of metal. It’s what makes the genre unique and fantastic.

Sludge metal is one of those niche subgenres that I sometimes check out, featuring heavy distortion and the atmospheric presence of doom metal’s slower tempos with the fusion of shouted vocals and sometimes faster tempos of punk music.

While I do love heavy, extreme metal, I do like my fair share of clean vocal bands. One of those bands is Baroness, a band from Savannah Georgia that fuses sludge and progressive metal. The band’s super artistic album covers give an idea of the type of music you’ll listen to.

Baroness’ most recent album, Purple, is fantastic from front to back. I first heard them on WSOU and continued to listen to the band. The fact that the album is so good is surprising considering that the band nearly died in a 2012 bus crash, one that caused former drummer Alan Blickle and bassist Matt Maggioni to leave the band.

The first song I heard from Baroness was “Kerosene,” and it’s still my favorite. It’s one of the faster songs on the album with punk-like tempos and good riffing from guitarist Peter Adams. Vocalist John Baizley belts out powerful lyrics, and the chorus is super catchy.

The whole album is worth a listen, and I think Baroness’ whole discography is worth checking out. It’s hard to explain their sound without listening to it, but it’s a fantastic blend of sludge and progressive and artistic, even “indie” vibes. Some may argue that they’re not metal, but Baroness is a talented band with a lot of great, unique characteristics to their sound.


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