Track of the Day – “Moth into Flame” by Metallica

Bobby Bevilacqua


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One of the first metal bands I ever listened to was Metallica. Like most people, I had heard some of their most famous songs in passing but never sat down and listened to their other songs or records. Everyone knew “Enter Sandman,” but everything I knew about music changed after listening to their album, Master of Puppets.

That album opens up with “Battery,” and after listening to it you find it hard to believe that another song on the album could top that first track. “Master of Puppets” and “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” are just some of the other songs on the album that blow you away with the song writing, the fast, classic thrash sound and the classic Metallica spin on the genre.

After listening to that album, I went and listened to pretty much everything else they have to offer. Their debut album Kill ‘Em All is one of the strongest debuts in metal, Ride the Lightning might actually be better than Master of Puppets, and their fourth album, …And Justice For All contains some of my favorite individual songs. Continue reading


From t-shirts to touring: Jon-Erik Pantorno’s rise to Dr. Acula’s lead singer

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Dr. Acula, a deathcore band formed in Long Island, N.Y., is not your traditional metal band. With a name derived from a joke from comedian Mitch Hedberg and songs based on Goosebumps books, it makes sense that one of their earliest singers didn’t take the traditional route to joining the band.

Jon-Erik Pantorno, a native of Howard Beach, Queens, didn’t audition for his role in the band. Instead, he worked his way up from selling merchandise for Dr. Acula after hitting it off with the band members while on tour with a friend.

“I wanted to go on a trip so I said sure I’ll sell merch for [my friend’s band],” Pantorno said. “We met Dr. Acula and they asked me to come on tour with them to do merch, and that’s how that started.” Continue reading

Don’t hate on fringe metal bands, they do a lot for the genre

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When I first started getting into the genre of Rock as well as Metal, Avenged Sevenfold was one of the first albums that drew me into the genre. Their self-titled album was basically the only thing I played for months, and it still remains one of my favorites to listen to.

Before listening to Rock and Metal, I was primarily a fan of country music. Guitar Hero drew me into classic rock, and Avenged Sevenfold was my first foray into the heavier spectrum of rock; something I call “fringe metal.”

Disturbed was one of the other bands I really enjoyed. System of a Down and Slipknot helped me become more attracted to the heavier sides of rock and metal. Five Finger Death Punch was the first metal band I became a huge fan of, and the first metal concert I ever went to. Even Linkin Park, who combined electronic sounds with guitar and helped make riffs and solos mainstream. Continue reading