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Creator/Head Writer

Thank you for visiting Raise Your Horns, a blog dedicated to covering all areas of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. I created this blog for one of my classes but I plan to continue it further than that.

On Raise Your Horns, you’ll find coverage of all different kinds of metal music and some hard rock. There will be regular news updates as well as opinion oriented articles and album reviews. I also plan on interviewing bands, typically smaller or unknown bands in the tri-state area, and introducing readers to new music.

My goal is to provide readers with news and coverage of metal bands and figures from all over, to inform and entertain the readers with frequent content. When covering bands and reviewing songs and albums, I will keep an open mind and approach everything with no previous biases. I also plan on interacting with all of the readers and turning it into a community.

My name is Bobby Bevilacqua, and I am a 21 year old Journalism Major at Seton Hall University but I’m originally from Eastchester, New York. When I’m not taking classes, I enjoy staying active by going to the gym, biking, running and doing other things. I collect movies, and I currently own over 210 of them. I also really enjoy to read, and have started collecting books too. My favorite author is Stephen King.

I started getting into hard rock and metal when I came to Seton Hall. I work at the radio station on campus, WSOU, which is one of the only modern active hard rock and metal FM stations in the country. I was exposed to tons of different bands and types of metal and quickly grew to love it. Some of my favorite bands are Amon Amarth, Black Fast, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Ghost, Gojira, Metallica and Slayer, but I listen to just about everything.

This is my second blog I’ve made, also running therangerzone.com, a blog dedicated to covering the New York Rangers. I began that in 2014 and I still post frequently there so check it out if you’re a fan of hockey.


Here’s a breakdown of all of the tabs you’ll find on the page;

News and UpdatesThis is where you’ll find news stories on new albums, tours, developments and other articles that I create and research.

Track of the Day – A section where I will post daily my song choice of the day. I’ll give my opinion on it, describe the song a bit and hope to introduce you to some new songs and bands.

In the Pit – The opinion section of the website. I’ll share my opinions on bands and other topics in the metal world, and also put album reviews here. This is a very open section, with lots of different topics going here.

Interviews – I’m going to be covering local bands and doing interviews, profiles and stories based on them. If you’d like to be interviewed and featured on the site, go to the next tab.

Contact – Where you’ll find an easy way to get in touch with me and ask questions or make suggestions.

Social Media

I currently have a Twitter page set up for the blog, which you can find here @RYH_blog. I’ll tweet whatever is on mind, facts and opinions about bands, and links to articles. I’m working on making a Facebook page for the website as well. Both will be found in the sidebar to the right.

My personal twitter is @rpb725. Feel free to follow and interact!