Rock & Metal music a dominant force in album, track and concert sales

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Wacken Open Air, a festival that draws over 75,000 metalheads every year. Photo courtesy of Wacken Open Air Festival.

While much of the mainstream music scene seems to be permeated by pop and rap music, rock and metal music is actually being consumed and purchased at a much higher rate.

This might come at a surprise because of how often pop stations and Top 40 stations come up on the radio dial. There are a total of 464 Contemporary Pop Hit radio stations compared to just 165 Active Rock stations and just 73 Mainstream Rock stations as of May 2016 according to News Generation.

But when looking at other types of music consumption, pop took a backseat to rock and metal. Data from Nielsen Music about the US Market shows that rock music claimed 29 percent of total consumption across album purchases, track purchases and on streaming platforms in 2014. Continue reading


Moshing; Addressing the culture of “violent” dance at metal shows

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Mosh pits and metal concerts essentially go hand in hand. A longstanding concert tradition of the metal community, moshing has caused controversy since its inception, raising questions of whether or not it’s safe or if it should even be allowed.

With the rise of hardcore and metal music, mosh pits could be seen at concerts, with people forming an open circle and doing things like pushing each other and running into one another. There are many variations, including push pits, circle pits, and more extreme variations such as the wall of death.

Despite the physical nature of it, moshing is meant to be a fun, cathartic experience according to Garren Lewis, assistant program director at WSOU, Seton Hall’s metal station.

“A good mosh pit should be something you look back on as adding to the concert,” said Lewis. “Even if you get an injury, as long as it’s not bad then you’ll have a good time.” Continue reading

WSOU Presents concert series continues this fall

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Photo courtesy of Rob Longo.

Following a successful series of concerts in the spring, Seton Hall’s radio station WSOU will be presenting an additional eight concerts over the next three months, with most taking place at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ.

The student-run station has hosted a lot of shows, presenting 23 in 2015 as well as a successful series of Killswitch Engage concerts to promote the band’s new album last spring. WSOU gets to work with some really big names as well, having previously presented Lamb of God and Anthrax and hosting concerts with Parkway Drive and Meshuggah on Oct. 7 and Nov. 5, respectively.

“For the shows what we do is set up a promotional table,” said Megan Stolarz, WSOU’s Promo Director. “We have a wheel there that we bring to student events but instead of recruiting new members, we interact people with already listen to us or try to get new people to check us out. We give out things like keychains and T-shirts that help get the name out.” Continue reading

Ghost announces events in NYC and LA; Popestar tour begins tomorrow

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Ghost band pic.jpg

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Swedish metal band Ghost already made headlines this week when they released a new song, “Square Hammer,” which will be on their Popestar EP, scheduled to come out tomorrow on September 16.

Today, they announced that they would be holding “costal rituals” in two separate special events, one in New York and one in Los Angeles. Their Facebook post said that the attendees’ “reward will be generous.” Continue reading